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Pgn2ltx is a small console-based program. It was written in order to convert PGN (Portable Game Notation) input to a LaTeX file.

Pgn2ltx reads from `stdin' and writes to `stdout'. The LaTeX output relies on the ``skak'' package (version 1.2 or higher required) by Torben Hoffmann for displaying the various figurine and Informator symbols, so you might have to download it too from the CTAN (Comprehensive TeX Archive Network).

Pgn2ltx tries to cover the whole PGN standard, including the various comment environments, recursively nested annotations and the annotation glyphs.
Different headers for the single games are built in (see the examples) and the LaTeX code can easily be customized according to the users needs...

For more information, take a look at the manual that is also contained in the download archive, together with the source file and a small `Makefile'. Compiling Pgn2ltx should be straightforward, using a decent C++ compiler...
Also available is an archive providing a readily compiled DOS version of Pgn2ltx which should run on most DOS/Windows platforms.

Please also regard the file `README' for further instructions about the installation of Pgn2ltx and the file `COPYING' for the terms of the GNU GPL (General Public License).

Using Doxygen you can easily generate a documentation for the source file if you want to.


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Dirk Bächle, 2003-09-28

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