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9. Translating piece letters

If you prepare a text about chess with LaTeX you might already have edited several games using e.g. "German" as the ``skaklanguage'' of the document instead of "English".

Then, Pgn2ltx can help you to include PGN games, which use the english SAN piece letters "KQBNRP" as defined in the standard, into your LaTeX file.

The ``-t'' option translates all SAN piece letters within the PGN input (mainline and annotation variations) to the characters that you specify in the following argument.

This next argument should consist of exactly six letters. They are used as the replacements for the SAN piece letters "KQBNRP".

So, for the described problem the program call could look like this:

pgn2ltx -t KDLSTB -l none < a.pgn > a.tex

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