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2. Starting the program

Starting Pgn2ltx is as simple as saying

pgn2ltx < a.pgn > a.tex

where the file `a.pgn' contains the PGN data and `a.tex' is the resulting LaTeX file.

Additionally, Pgn2ltx can be called as

pgn2ltx [options] < a.pgn > a.tex

with the following available options:

-c                   Displays the chess moves using the ``movecomment''
                     and not the ``mainline'' environment
-e                   Exports only the selected LaTeX file header and does
                     not process any input
-f <file_name>       Reads the LaTeX header from the file <file_name>
-l <header_type>     Sets the LaTeX header for the single games to
                     one of the following ``header_types'':
                     none, names, nameselo, siteevent, informator
-t <KQBNRP>          If specified, all piece letters within recognized
                     moves are translated to the given language

If one of the options is ``-h'', ``-?'' or ``--help'' a short usage message is displayed.

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